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Tour Dates

JR's Comedy Club
Valencia, CA
April 8 & 9


San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino
Highland, CA
April 14

The Mirage Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
April 15 & 16
with George Lopez

Carnival Cruise Ship - Inspiration
Baja Mexico from Los Angeles
April 18 - 22
with George Lopez


The Orpheum
Los Angeles, CA
April 29 & May 1
with George Lopez


The Comedy Works (South)
Greenwood Village, CO
June 14 & 15


* All Tour Dates



"Perhaps the best physical comedian since Jim Carey"  Al Silverton, IMDb

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Rubber-Bodied Comedian . . . Dynamically Engaging !

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Wed. - June 1 8:00 PM
Thur. - June 2 8:00 PM
Fri. - June 3 8:00 PM
Fri. - June 3 10:30 PM
Sat. - June 4 7:00 PM
Sat. - June 4 9:30 PM
$22.00 + a 2 item food/bev. minimum
No Coupons or Passes Accepted on Saturdays
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Finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing"

Bryan appeared Jul 22, 2015 on Last Comic Standing on

Hey Everybody!

To save a little cash, I decided to drive my Van from Denver to my new home in Southern California.

A thousand mile journey...A LIFETIME OF DISCOMFORT!!! 

My Sweet Ass Chevy Grand Caravan, that my wife just HAD to have for one road trip three years ago, was packed to the gills. (in a Not-So-Orderly Fashion)...Like really not-so-orderly. So not-so-orderly that when I took it to get a fresh oil change, the Jiffy Lube register girl was surprised that I was able to give her a HOME address. She laughed as she said, "I thought you were homeless with all that junk in your car."

Funny, I didn't find that so hysterical. I don't think anyone would be AMUSED to have the look of someone who's bottoming out in life. I knew I should've shave that day.

I took off on my 1000 mile, 2 day journey with enough caffeine and candy bars to make a Koala break dance.

It was a burning hot, late summer day in Denver, so the first thing I did was roll up the windows and crank up the AC. After about 9 seconds of what felt like a big dog breathing on me, I realized, MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN, that I would not be enjoying the benefits of an Air Conditioner on this trip.

I coughed up enough cuss words to make pimps in Deadwood go to confession before I had even left Denver Proper.

It was so hot that I drank all of my super caffeinated soda within the first hour of my trip. So I was ridiculously hot and now wired out of my mind.   Click Here for the Full Story






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